Friday, January 6, 2012

theBalm Lippies

Over the holidays I picked up a few lip glosses from the balm. Ive never tried any of there lip products before but now I am in love!

The 3 I pick up are:
* Stainiac in Beauty Queen- "hint of tint for lips and cheeks" I've never used a stain before but love the idea of it since I am always drinking something or eating, I feel like I have to constantly re apply gloss. This stuff is amazing! Its a beautiful reddish-pinkish color and you can make it as sheer or as intense as you like! You can dap it on your cheeks for a nice flush feeling, or apply more for a more dramatic look. It also gives you enough time to blend and play around with it before it dries. When applied on the lips its looks beautiful on almost any skin tone,            and taste amazing! I feel like everytime I put it on I keep licking my lips lol, and doesn't make my lips dry at all. I could of done a whole blog review just on this product because I love it so much!

                                                                                * Balm Shelter in Girl Next Door-  First off, its SPF 17 which is always good to see when you live in Florida! The color is a lovely pink, it looks like there might be some glitter when I look in the tube but when applied its not too visible (which is a good thing in my eyes) , has good staying power, and is not overly sticky at all. And of course smells and tastes amazing! I always just throw it in my purse because its such a wearable color. Another great product,

                                                                                * plump your pucker in cocoa my coconut- This smells AMAZING, reminds me off the beach! yummy! I picked this one up because I have been wanting a nude gloss for awhile and this is it! The color is perfect, nude with a slight pinkish tint, and looks great applied over The Balm Stainiac. Its got a little tingle/burn to it for the plumping affect, but its not overly harsh at all.

From top to bottom: balm shelter, plump you pout, stainiac
                               Have you tried any off theBalms lippies?? Which are your favorite?

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