Monday, April 16, 2012

POP of color

POP of color

Nothing makes it feel more like summer than a pop of color to complete any outfit! Lately I have been drawn to everything turquoise. From rings and earrings, to nail polish and scarfs I just cant get enough! My last few shopping trips I have come home with at least one turquoise item to add to my closet :)

Whats your favorite pop of color for the spring/summer season? I would love to know!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

My top 4 lippies

My top 4 lippies

My top 4 lippies by vksmith88 featuring a lip makeup

                                                              1. MAC Angel $14.40
                                                              2. ELF Runway Pink $5
                                                              3. theBalm Balm Shelter Girl Next Door $19
                                                              4. theBalm Stainiac Beauty Queen $17

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Fringe Scarf

Hey loves! Sorry its been awhile since I posted last! Have been very busy with my best friends baby shower this past weekend which was amazing :) I will share some pics of that soon and another DIY on diaper cakes!

So anyways, I found this awesome DIY Fringe scarf and ever since I made my first one I cant stop making them! Its so easy and looks amazing, ive already made one for me, my mom, and sister!

All you need is:
- A t-shirt or tank top
- Pair of sharp fabric scissors

                                                                    Step 1


I used an old tank top from forever 21. You can use solid color or a print shirt for more of an intense look.

Step 2

Using you scissors cut your shirt horizontally just under the armholes to make a rectangular tube.

Step 3

Start cutting vertical strips across the whole bottom half of the shirt. The longer you cut them, the longer the fringe will be. I went just under half of my shirt.

Step 4
(Final step!)

Final step is to tug down on all of the strings to make them longer. I also slightly tugged the whole shirt once I was done.

Finished!! Told you it was easy ;) 
Now you have your super cute new scarf to wear in less than 10 min! 
You will def be seeing me wear this is many of my up coming OOTD.

Enjoy your new scarf! IF you have any questions about this DIY just comment and let me know! Thanks dolls! XO!