Monday, January 9, 2012

Sex and the city

Unless you have been living under a rock ;) you all know and have seen Carrie's necklace on Sex and the City.

 For me its such an iconic look and I think its just fabulous (well everything Carrie wears is fabulous) So anyways I just had to get one for myself. I had searched around alot of different sites and read review because I wanted to make sure it would be perfect. I found the perfect one on Etsy. If you haven't heard of it before, its an amazing site... you can find almost everything and anything you can think of, and most of it is handmade. I had spotted one on BestPersJewelry and its perfect. One of my good friends just got home from a tour in Iraq on Christmas eve, and to my surprise guess what he hands me... (Im assuming my boyfriend gave him the idea)

PERFECT!! Its everything I had wished and more. They Send it out in such a cute little box with a bow, had a little card saying Merry Xmas, and as a extra surprise in a little bag there was a small charm with my initial on it. Both are perfect and very well made from .925 sterling silver. Im going to purchase a shorter chain so I can wear the charm above the name. They have so many different options on there site of writing font, size, chain length, .925, Gold, or Gold plated and much more.

Check out the site and get one of your own personalized necklace for you or a friend! 

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