Friday, January 13, 2012

Shady lady Vol 1

Here is my follow up from this blog about all 3 Shady Lady Palettes. So today im going to share my swatches and review on the first palette.

From L-R First row:

*caught in the act courtney ~ shadow/liner
Is a rich brown color with gold sparkles, it also doubles as a liner and works amazing.
 *shameless shana ~ shadow
A tahitian bronze color with a hint of shimmer, one of my favorite colors
*luscious lani ~ shadow
Is a ice pink champagne, looks great under brow.

From L-R Second row:
*jealous jordana ~ shadow/liner
A rich green color with shimmer which reminds me of Christmas time, but in a good way.
*risque renee ~ shadow/liner
A sheen dark navy blue color
*curvy cami ~ shadow
A plum shimmer with gold flakes, a beautiful color.

From L-R Third Row:
*jet-setting jennifer ~ shadow
A golden beige frost
*all about alex ~ shadow
A olive green color with a golden hint
*easy wheezie ~ shadow
A grey blue color with a hint of shimmer
This is one of my go to palettes, caught in the act courtney, shameless shana, luscious lani, curvy cami, jet-setting jennifer are my favorite and most used colors in the palette.

Have you tried any of the Shady Lady palettes? And which colors are you favorite?



  1. Pretty colours! really want to try this

  2. Thanks Sharon! Its a great palette! xoxo