Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The one thing I cant live without... PRIMER!

I am a HUGE primer addict. I can not put my make up on with my face/eye primer. I always make sure to have back-ups.

First I am going to do a review on my face primers:

*Korres Vitamin E Face Primer-
A white-ish light cream then blends in clear, keeps my make up on all day, Pretty pricey but 99% all natural so amazing for your skin.

* e.l.f Mineral Infused face Primer- Clear product, blends in well, leaves my face feeling really soft and smooth, amazing price, keeps make up on all day
*Bare Escentuals PRIME TIME- This is the first primer I ever used so its almost all gone now, its comparable to the elf primer but more expensive. Good primer but nothing special.
*Sephora base sublimatrice primer- I haven't used this one very often because its tinted, but it was on sale for about $3, blends in well.
*Sephora base lissante smoothing primer- I take this with me everywhere because of the size as a backup, came in a set with my powder foundation, blends in good and feels nice on skin.

Over all the ELF primer is my go to everyday primer as the price is good and keeps my makeup on even in Florida humidity. I keep the Korres primer for special occasions since its expensive, and the other primers are just back ups or if I feel like switching up my face routine lol

Now, on to the eye primers...

* Too Faced shadow insurance - Most expensive, keep eye make up on all day and night, sometimes some clear liquid would come out instead of the primer.. not sure if I just got a faulty one, over all good product.
* ELF mineral eye shadow primer- Good price, my everyday go to for eyes, hold make up well, even still had my eye make up on next moring
* ELF Essentials eyelid primer - the cheapest primer, use it mostly on days when I wear light make up, worth a dollar, keep this one in my make up bag

 So again ELF primer wins for my favorite. The price and quality are too good to pass up. I have a few back ups of the elf mineral primer so I dont run out. Again I keep the too faced for special occasions.

I would love to know what you favorite and least favorite primers are, and if you use them everyday like me.                                


  1. Have you tried Smachbox's face primer? I also like BH Cosmetics face primer, its pretty good :)

  2. *Smashbox not Smachbox hehe oops :)

  3. Ive been wanting to try smashbox primer, maybe I will make a trip to sephora and test it out :) Recently elf has been my go-to for everything but I need to branch out lol