Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tease ;)

So I recently got a mini elf haul, I ordered a few things alog with my mom and sister. I ordered my first ELF Studio cream blush in Tease. Let me just say, ELF impresses me more and more daily. There has yet to be a product from them that I have hated (and I own quite alot of elf). I wanted to wear the blush before I did a review on it. So yesterday I decided I would try it out. I used my stipple brush first as I have heard that being a good way to apply it. I only did a light coat with the brush when I decided I wanted to apply with my fingers for more of a controlled application. I couldn't decided if I should set it with a powder blush or a translucent powder so I ended up using both. I will probably be sticking to using the Elf studio translucent powder as I dont like the idea of covering it with another color.

 Also the only downfall to me is the size. As u can see in the picture compared to the cream eye shadow its HUGE. I wouldn't carry in around in my purse or anything as its too bulky.  But you do get alot of product.

Its not like cream at all, its more towards a mousse feel and ends with a smooth powder finish. I was wearing for about 11 hours before I washed my face and I could still see the color on my cheeks. Tease is a very nice light rose/pink natural color, I would imagine looking nice on almost anyone. I couldn't choose between Heart Breaker or Tease, but I did some research and decided Heart Breaker was a bit brighter pink and wanted to go for something a bit different. After trying one of these blushes tho, I will definitely be purchasing Heart Breaker on my next haul :)

Do any of you use cream blush regularly? Let me know if you have tried any that are a must have!



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